A Blood Bowl League from the 7 Cities region of Southeastern Virginia.

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Sep. 28th, 2022 - old news
Site moved.
Visit us at: 7cbbl.com
- Nate
Apr. 21st, 2022 - old news
The King's Grant Cabaliers have emerged as the first 7CBBL Champions, defeating the Green Run Grapplers in the league final.

The teams were tied at full time, though the Cabaliers outnumbered the black orcs. Overtime got off to a hot start for the Grapplers, as they won the coin toss and immediately claimed two casualties. That's about as good as it got for Green Run, however, as a lack of goblins (two of which spent almost the entire game knocked out) seriously impeded their ability to move and protect the football. Eventually the Cabs' beastman Tom Morrow tossed the last goblin into the stands before recovering the ball. The Grapplers had no real chance of running the galloping goat down, and had to settle for watching him trot in for the title-winning TD.

Congratulations to the Cabaliers ;) and best of luck to any teams returning for next season.
- Nate
Apr. 15th, 2022 - old news
The site of the first-ever Seven Cities Championship will be the Hockering Honeypit, home of the Honeybadgers. This news is part of a larger press release from the 7CBBL's executive headquarters, detailing plans for future league finals. Under this new plan, the site of each season's championship match will be selected by lottery from among the stadia of all active franchises. But as this season's site was to be announced on such short notice, it was thought best to choose an unthreatening venue, and the Honeypit definitely fits that bill, boasting absolutely no unique features to speak of. Of course, that might all change once thousands of orcs trample the pastoral footpaths and the forces of Chaos leave the stands covered with sigils and mutagen.
- Nate
Feb. 27th, 2022 - old news
Thirteen competitors turned out to the cruciform field of Orcidas Stadium for the 7CBBL's first Midseason Challenge. It was a hotly contested and chaotic game, but in the end it was the league's leading scorer, Sea Raider blitzer Plane Walker, who managed to score the winning touchdown. (He even found time to injure a black orc on his way to the endzone.) Walker will receive a one-year endorsement contract with Orcidas, not to mention the enmity of every other player in the 7CBBL.
- Nate
Feb. 21st, 2022 - old news
The Orcidas Midseason Challenge is this Saturday (Feb. 26) at Atlantic Games and Comics in Norfolk at 2 PM. Show up with a single player of your choice, first TD wins.
- Nate

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